Wasp Repellent

Looking For A Good Wasp Repellent?

Every summer, especially later in the summer, a good wasp repellent can become a necessary item, as wasps can become a nuisance, or even a problem.

Many, though not all, wasps can become very territorial and aggressive, to the point that your yard becomes their territory. There are fortunately a number of approaches that can be taken to make your yard and garden habitable again.

One approach, of course, is to kill whatever wasps you come across, an approach that is not without its dangers. You can also kill from a distance, or simply try an approach that discourages wasps from coming around at all.

Good Wasps And Bad Wasps - Not all wasps are to be feared and most are actually beneficial as they prey on other insects. Many wasps are very tiny and don't bother humans, even if they were so inclined. One of the more fearsome looking wasps is the paper wasp. This wasp is usually seen on a one-at-a-time basis, though certain attractants may draw several paper wasps at one time. One generally will not see paper wasps in swarms and this type of wasp is usually not very aggressive. It can sting, but its sting does not have the kick that some other wasps have.

The two really bad guys are the bald faced hornets and the yellow jacket. These, especially the yellow jackets, are the ones we tend to fear most. Both types can be quite aggressive and often seem to sting without reason. These wasps tend not to stray too far from their nests, so by observing them for a time, one can usually find where their nest is. It can at times be a little more difficult with the yellow jacket, which soften nests in the ground and the nests are too often discovered by stepping on them or close too them, which infuriates the wasps.

Search And Destroy - The first wasp repellent approach might be termed search and destroy. Seek out the wasp's nest and destroy it. The wasps don't all have to be in the nest at the time, though that is preferable.

Once the nest is destroyed, any remaining wasps will go elsewhere. The correct strategy is to do this early in the morning or in the evening when the wasps have stopped traveling around and returned to their nest. If it's cool, below 50 degree, they usually won't come out unless really disturbed, as they don't fly well in cooler temperatures.

A chemical spray, especially one that can be applied from 15 to 20 feet away, is best, but plain soap and water or citronella can also be used and will be effective. If it's a yellow jacket nest and it’s in the ground, just spray the wasp killer or pour soap and water into the entrance. It may take more than one application, so don't hang around, but come back later.

Catch And Release – And Run - For those who don't like to kill living things, a catch and release method might be the answer. Soda or sugar water attracts wasps, and if placed in a trap, the wasps, while still alive, can be transported to a distant area and released.

This seems a little bit like releasing a live grizzly bear out of kindness. It's a nice act, but you don't want to be too close by when the gate opens.

Cucumbers - One interesting approach has to do with the cucumber. A sliced cucumber is a fairly well-known remedy for soothing a wasp's sting.

It is also a very good wasp repellent, as there is something about raw cucumbers that wasps simply don't like and will avoid.

This approach can work well if you are on a picnic and a few wasps decide to join the party. Just place a few pieces of sliced or mashed raw cucumber about and they should stay away.

"Zappers" - Those paddle shaped zappers, which can electrocute a wasp upon contact are another approach.

Don't wade into a number of wasps with one of these not expecting to get stung, but for the solitary wasp that's being a nuisance, the zapper is quite effective; in fact, using one can be looked upon as a bit of a sport.

Most of these zappers are powered by a couple of D-sized batteries, but can deliver quite a jolt, enough of one that you don't want to test it on yourself.

Waspinator - A wasp repellent called the "Waspinator" may be worth a try.


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