Wasp Nest Removal

Tips for Wasp Nest Removal

This is a problem most people hope to never have to deal with, but when you do, wasp nest removal quickly becomes a priority. For people who are allergic to insect stings, the problem is serious and requires immediate attention. Even those who are not allergic do not want to be greeted each morning and evening by the buzzing of a wasp nest. 

Like most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with the removal of a wasp’s nest. Below are some tips for safely and effectively dealing with the problem.

Be Prepared

The first step in wasp nest removal is being sure that you have the needed protective gear.  If you do not, there is a chance that you will suffer several stings as the wasps fight to protect their nest. Trying to get rid of a wasp nest without the proper gear is foolish. You will need to cover every inch of your skin, including your face and eyes. Wear goggles and a mask as well as rubber boots to protect your feet.

There are two types of wasp nests, and the best removal method for each is discussed below.

Above Ground Nest

Because wasps are usually inactive at night, that is the best time to try to remove a nest. Approach the nest at night and completely encase it in a large plastic bag. After tying the bag closed, submerge in completely in water. Lay a heavy object on top of the bag to ensure that it will not float to the top.

The next morning, you will be able to safely dispose of the bag after all of the wasps have drowned.

Underground Nest

There is not as simple and clean a method for wasp nest removal when the nest is located underground. Basically, you need to find a way to kill the wasps while they are still in their nest underground. There are a few ways you can try to do this. The first is to pour soap and water into the nest. This is not the preferred method as many of the wasps will find a way to escape, and they will not be happy.

Another method is to simply fill in as much of the hole as possible with a large amount of soil. Even with this method, a few wasps will likely escape.

Still, you will successfully kill most of them and the nest is likely to become inactive.

If you are not comfortable with any of these methods, there is always the option of calling in a professional. For many, this is the only viable option for wasp nest removal, especially if they are allergic to the stings.

A professional will be able to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. He will have all of the proper gear and will be able to handle the wasp nest removal without anyone having to suffer a sting.

Wasp nest removal is not terribly complicated, but if the thought of handing the nest terrifies you, there is nothing wrong with leaving the job in the hands of the professionals.



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