Wasp Deterrent

Natural Remedies for a Wasp Deterrent


If you have a problem with insects but do not want to use harmful chemicals for getting the problem under control, you might consider natural remedies for a wasp deterrent.  Anytime there are wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets hanging around, the entire family and pets are at risk for being stung, something you obviously want to avoid.  The good news is that you can control these stinging insects and without using anything harmful.

If you enjoy entertaining outside but do not want to worry about wasps, remember that as long as they are far enough away, they actually offer benefit.  Wasps are great for keeping insects that do damage out of a garden or flowerbed so if they are not bothering you and your guests, we recommend you avoid using any kind of a wasp deterrent.  That way, they will mind their own business while doing you a favor.

However, if the wasp nest is too close, you could have a problem.  In the late summer and early fall, wasps begin looking for pollen so if they smell sweets, they are going to quickly become an annoyance.  Obviously, this would make time outside barbecuing difficult.  In this instance, a natural remedy as a wasp deterrent is recommended so your food and drinks remain untouched.

One wasp deterrent, which can be purchased or made is a faux nest made of paper.  In this case, you would hand the fake nest away from the area outdoors where you hang out.  Typically, wasps like to build nests in areas that are quiet so hanging a faux house under an eave on the far side of the home would be a great option.  Colors and even patterns associated with a “decoy nest” add to the effectiveness.  

You could also use any number of natural products for a wasp deterrent now being sold at local nurseries, hardware stores, gardening centers, home improvement stores, and online.  With the number of people looking for natural remedies growing, finding insect repellents and deterrents are much easier to find and affordable.  Therefore, we suggest you take a trip to your local store to see what products are currently being sold.

You could even create a mixture of water and mild dish soap and placing a small amount in a spray bottle.  Then, when you see the wasps, simply spray them with the solution.  You can even spray the next if you like.  The soapy water mixture will not harm or kill the wasps but it acts as a great wasp deterrent.

Another wasp deterrent is a homemade water trap.  In this case, take an empty two-liter pop bottle, cutting the top off just below the shoulder.  From there, the screw top would be discarded and the bottled filled halfway with water.  Place jam or jelly around the rim, invert the bottle, and place it back on the bottle.  Use tape to hold the two pieces in place and what happens is that wasps will be attracted to the jam, go inside the bottle, but then not be able to get out.

Finally, a glass trap is another natural wasp deterrent.  Made from strong glass, you simply add a small amount of water and put the stopper on.  This trap should be hung close to the area where wasps live and just as with the homemade water trap, the wasp flies into the hole without being able to escape.  Although the wasp dies, this wasp deterrent works without using harsh or dangerous chemicals.



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