Eliminate Wasps

How To Eliminate Wasps

It is summer, it's blooming, you're in the garden with a delicious cupcake and there is the scary 'zzzzzzzzz' sound that makes us want to eliminate them once and for all. Wasps and bees are the top most unwanted creatures in the summer. They love sweets and fruits, which essentially means ruining our garden party. So what can we do to eliminate wasps?

To avoid painful encounters for both, it is best to avoid smacking wasps, trying to catch them or kill them in any way. Sometimes they die in this battle, but ever so often, you may get stung which is very hurtful and can cause allergic reactions.

Thus, much better than elimination is prevention:

• Cover up all sweet or smelly foods. You can buy special outdoor dishes that have lids and are still pretty to look at. If the wasps can't smell it, they won't come - it's as simple as that. If you want to enjoy an ice-cold Coke, use a straw and don't leave open bottles around.

• If you have a fruit tree, you should not plan your garden party next to it. Otherwise, you may purchase a pavilion with decorative curtains, so that you can have your breakfast in the garden and the curtains protect you from the wasps.

• Put a container with old fruit or honey far away from where you eat or sit in the garden. The wasps may be attracted to that smell instead of your cupcake.

• You can also buy decorative wasp jar traps which are essentially very colorful jars which you can fill with sugar water or lemonade. Hang these somewhere far away from your outdoor seating area, and wasps will be more likely to be attracted to the jars than to your food.

• As for the house, install nets and insect protection around windows and doors so that no wasps can enter your home.

• A good thing to know is that wasps will only live one summer. That means that they all die towards the end of summer. This is particularly great news if you have a wasp nest somewhere - it will be safe to remove by the end of summer when all that is left in there is the queen and developing eggs.

• If, however, you feel very disturbed by the nest (i.e. if it is in or near your house), you may call professionals who can remove it for you.

• If you have a lot of inviting space in your house (roof, upper floor, etc.), make sure you don't have any cracks in the walls and roof, so that wasps cannot gain entry.

Getting the wasps' nest removed should be your last option. If it is in a corner in your garden, you should consider the impact it will have on the environment if you remove and kill an entire wasp colony.

As annoying as these things are, they are absolutely vital in nature. But if the nest is a serious threat to you and your children, it is probably unavoidable to remove it.



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